Get your business running on auto-pilot & BE WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

Claw back precious time and save thousands in the process. I can help you look into what can be handled - you will be amazed.

Not just talking about automated invoicing or tweeting on a schedule, read on....


How about

  • ramping up social media marketing when sales revenue is down. based on some parameters you chose
  • recommending various courses of management action. based on live field data
  • reading, prioritising and making appropriate email replies. based on settings you chose
  • engaging with your best Twitter interactors automatically, as the engagements come in
  • constructing tweets automatically from a feed of your product DB / press releases mixed in with some other awesome personalised content 
  • updating customers & clients before they ask or look for the info

The best part is that it is way cheaper than you think to set up & go

Thanks to the awesome it´s really easy to grab a consultation with me 

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